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Egg Farming: Hatch a Second Income

Egg demand has been growing off the charts in Canada over the last few years. Experts are crediting the introduction of “All day Breakfast” at the countries major restaurants, combined with a renewed focus on eggs as a healthy food item. Whatever the reason, Canadians are consuming eggs at a growing rate every year.

The increased demand for eggs and public interest in eggs has created a demand for high quality, farm fresh and organic eggs. It’s a great time to be an egg farmer. This increased demand provides a unique opportunity for farmers to add or expand an egg laying flock, with the intention of selling the eggs at a premium directly to consumers at a premium.

Egg farming is a great choice as a side business for other types of farming, because it is not space intensive, provides year-round income, and synergies with crop growing nicely (chicken droppings are a great fertilizer). The upkeep required for chickens numbering less than a few hundred is reasonable as well.

The initial investment can be quite reasonable, requiring little equipment other than an insulated building and fenced in area for the chickens to forage.

Young chickens can be purchased from a local supplier, along with quality feed, allowing any farmer to jump-start an egg operation in mere months.

Raising chickens for eggs can be a great way to earn more money from an existing farm, or to start a new egg farm. When you are ready to expand your egg business or start a new egg farming facility,

Farm Grants can help.

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