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5 On-Farm Extra Income Ideas

Being a successful farmer can mean wearing many hats. One of the most important ideas in any business is the concept of diversification. As a farm owner or operator, this may often mean planting more than 1 crop, or operating a mixed farm. This is not the only was for a farmer to diversify, however. Sometimes a little outside the box thinking can result in a lucrative second income stream even for farms that aren’t very diversified. Why not consider using the resources at your disposal to accomplish this goal.

Here are 5 On-Farm extra income ideas:

Farm Tours

You know what people from the city love? To visit the country. Why not offer school children or members of the urban population the chance to spend the day at a farm? There are all sorts of  things worth paying for: You can sell feed fro children to give to the animals, hay rides, meals, snacks and drinks, trail walks, and many other things.

Compost Waste Disposal

With the increasing importance of waste reduction in urban and suburban areas, why not offer a composting service? For a fee you can allow landscapers to dispose of grass cutting and other organic waste on your land. This can then be composted, and then used as a valuable tool on your farm, or resold back to individuals in need of compost.

Pick Your Own Produce

Why not allow the public to access a part of your crop and pick their own for a fee? This is a popular option for berries, apples, and other fruits.

Bed and Breakfast

That old farm house offers a rustic retreat for people from their busy lives.  Many people are willing to pay top dollar for the chance to get way from it all and have a night or two in a rural setting.

Petting Zoo

The animals on your farm can be the source of income and amusement for visitors, or alternatively take the show on the road and offer a petting zoo at local events and shopping areas.

These are just some ideas for Farmers looking to maximize their on-farm income. If you are looking to expand your farm operations, or establish an on or off farm business Canadian Grants Business Center can help you find funding for your endeavour. Visit our Funding Finder today: http://www.canadiangrantsbusinesscenter.com/funding-finder.html

Tractors & Machinery Ag-Safety Fund Recipients Announced.

October 15th, 2015 – Winnipeg, Manitoba –

The Canadian Agricultural Safety Association (CASA) in partnership with Farm Credit Canada, has announced that more than $ 100,000 has been awarded to help improve training for tractors and machinery throughout Canada.

The Ag Safety Fund  has provided charitable and nonprofit financial support to offer training programs based from the security and agricultural community since 2010. Previous projects have ranged from training for producers of Christmas trees in Nova Scotia that support bear-human conflict awareness training in Alberta. In this, the fifth year of Ag Safety Fund FCC, training efforts have been reduced to focus on the tractor and machinery training.

“Our commitment to helping our customers succeed starts with the basics – to help them and their families stay safe while working in the operation of the farm or agribusiness,” said Sophie Perreault, FCC Executive Vice President and Chief operations. “We are excited to partner with CASA to help make this a reality through Ag Safety Fund FCC.”

Marcel Hacault is the Executive Director of CASA. He says the community-based training is effective and important in the creation of safer farming practices. “The community-based Ag Safety Fund FCC approach addresses the needs of farmers at the grassroots level, creating more buy-in and ownership of safer behaviour,” he says. “CASA recognizes the importance of farm safety initiatives based on the community and is committed to creating safer for all Canadian farmers agricultural environments.”

The beneficiaries of the FCC Ag Safety Fund 2015-2016 include Quebec 4-H, L’Union des producteurs agricoles (UPA), Farm Safety Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island Federation of Agriculture, University of Manitoba, Wild Blueberry New Scotland, The Canadian Centre for Health Association (FARSHA), Manitoba 4-H Council Safety and Health in Agriculture, New Brunswick Young Farmers Forum Inc., Farm and Ranch and Security, and Canadian farmers with Disabilities Registry. 11 organizations receive support from the Fund FCC Ag Safety in seven provinces.

FCC is a long time supporter of CASA and farm safety initiatives. FCC has long supported the annual conference of CASA and Ag Safety Fund FCC. Last year, the FCC partnered with CASA and the Rick Hansen Foundation to launch Back to Ag, a program designed for farmers injured back to doing what they love – agriculture. This year, FCC is a sponsor of the Week of Canadian Agricultural Safety.

The Canadian Agricultural Safety Association is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the health and safety of farmers, their families and agricultural workers.

FCC is the main lender of Agriculture Canada, with a healthy portfolio of more than $ 27.3 billion and 21 consecutive years of portfolio growth.