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The Top 5 Vegetables to Grow in Canada

Canadian farms produce a huge variety of crops. Canada is known globally as a quality producer of grain and livestock and vegetables. When looking to start or expand a farm it’s a good idea to look at what produce grows well in Canada and has a large market share. Here are the top 5 vegetables that you should consider growing on your farm:


Tomatoes are a great crop to grow in Canada. They can be grown in the field, or all year-round in a greenhouse environment. Yields per acre can be great, and market prices have been going up in recent years. Tomatoes are technically a fruit but are often lumped in with vegetable for discussion purposes.


Carrots are another great crop to grow in Canada. They love the Canadian climate, and like all root vegetables mostly need the right kind of loose soil.


Onions can be a great choice of crop to grow in Canada. Depending on the variety planted, the bulb and tops can both be edible. Like many root vegetables, onions can have a long shelf life when stored correctly.


Corn is one of the best choices for large-scale farming in Canada. A versatile crop, corn is in high demand as it is used directly for food, and processed into products for the food manufacturing and ethanol industries.


Cabbage is one of the heartiest leafy vegetables. With an increased interest in Asian style cooking, certain varieties have experienced a large increase in demand.

Vegetable farming can be a great way to increase on-farm profits on a small or large scale.

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