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5 On-Farm Extra Income Ideas

Being a successful farmer can mean wearing many hats. One of the most important ideas in any business is the concept of diversification. As a farm owner or operator, this may often mean planting more than 1 crop, or operating a mixed farm. This is not the only was for a farmer to diversify, however. Sometimes a little outside the box thinking can result in a lucrative second income stream even for farms that aren’t very diversified. Why not consider using the resources at your disposal to accomplish this goal.

Here are 5 On-Farm extra income ideas:

Farm Tours

You know what people from the city love? To visit the country. Why not offer school children or members of the urban population the chance to spend the day at a farm? There are all sorts of  things worth paying for: You can sell feed fro children to give to the animals, hay rides, meals, snacks and drinks, trail walks, and many other things.

Compost Waste Disposal

With the increasing importance of waste reduction in urban and suburban areas, why not offer a composting service? For a fee you can allow landscapers to dispose of grass cutting and other organic waste on your land. This can then be composted, and then used as a valuable tool on your farm, or resold back to individuals in need of compost.

Pick Your Own Produce

Why not allow the public to access a part of your crop and pick their own for a fee? This is a popular option for berries, apples, and other fruits.

Bed and Breakfast

That old farm house offers a rustic retreat for people from their busy lives.  Many people are willing to pay top dollar for the chance to get way from it all and have a night or two in a rural setting.

Petting Zoo

The animals on your farm can be the source of income and amusement for visitors, or alternatively take the show on the road and offer a petting zoo at local events and shopping areas.

These are just some ideas for Farmers looking to maximize their on-farm income. If you are looking to expand your farm operations, or establish an on or off farm business Canadian Grants Business Center can help you find funding for your endeavour. Visit our Funding Finder today:

5 Important Attributes of Successful Farmers

Successful farmers exhibit some common attributes, that you should try to emulate when you are trying to start a new farm, or become a better farmer. Here is a list of the attributes succesful farmers share, for you to consider:


Farming as lifestyle and business can be a very rewarding, but not easy. Passion for the process and fruits of your labour will help you to focus on the good times, and carry you through the tough times. Focus your farm on a product you are passionate about. Money is a great motivator, but if it’s the only thing you are working for, your less likely to succeed. If you measure your success in personal satisfaction, you will find it in places others have failed.


You can have the greatest product in the world, but if nobody knows about it, how can they buy it from you? Small and medium sized farms must sell a differentiated product, if they want to succeed. You will need to focus on a strong marketing effort that emphasizes the strengths of your product. Technology has made marketing much easier for small businesses, by putting people in touch with one another, near and far.


Farming is not a one-size fits all type of business. There is no list of rules. Successful farmers use their ideas and hard work to adapt their farming operations to the markets needs. Adopting new technologies and systems can help producers work more efficiently.


Nature is fickle. Weather is unpredictable. Business is affected by many things beyond anyones control. Sometimes Things will happen that planning cannot help you avoid. Successful farmers accept what they cannot control and persevere.


Successful farmers are always looking for new production methods, new marketing approaches and new technologies.Chances are other farmers have faced many of the challenges you are facing. They often come up with creative solutions. Talking to ither farmers can be a valuable source for information and ideas.

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New Blueberry Teaching & Research Farm In Quebec

A new blueberry teaching and research farm will be established in Quebec.

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and the Quebec Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food have announced the creation of a blueberry teaching and research farm in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region of Quebec. This location is easily accessable and representative of the blueberry farms in the region.

Funding of $42,600 will be granted through the Programme de développement sectoriel (PDS), a  program implemented by the Quebec Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food under the Canada-Quebec Growing Forward 2 agreement.

“With some 30,000 hectares in operation, the blueberry production is second in importance in terms of farm income in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean. It is therefore an important economic activity for our region. Today I am proud to announce this project that our government committed to achieve a year ago at the Economic Summit. Allowing the blueberry industry to implement short- and long-term research projects will increase the competitiveness of our regional companies,” says Philippe Couillard, Premier of Quebec and MNA for Roberval.

“This research and teaching project is a great example of an initiative that promotes the agricultural potential of a region in order to benefit producers, processors, consumers and even students. The development and operation of this facility are well aligned with government policy and with the approach set out in the strategic plan for Quebec’s wild blueberry sector,” adds Pierre Paradis, Quebec Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.

“Canada is the world’s largest producer of wild blueberries. The federal government is proud to support the creation of a blueberry teaching and research farm that will help the sector improve its competitiveness and meet growing consumer demand for safe, high-quality products. Combining teaching and research will have an impact on the transfer of knowledge from producers and the next generation,” says Denis Lemieux, Member of Parliament Chicoutimi – Le Fjord.

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Government Loans for Farmers

Are Loans available for Canadian Famers?

Being in the Canadian Agriculture Market, there may be programs available to you to increase your business. By law, the Government provides loan guarantee programs to farmers and agricultural co-operatives. Farmers and Agricultural providers can use the farm funding to build, enhance, and develop, their business, while agricultural co-operatives may also access loans to process distribute or market the products of farming.

Loan Objectives

The program allows the Government of Canada to support the renewal of the agricultural sector and enables co-operatives to better seize market opportunities.

Funding availability

The maximum aggregate loan limit for any one farm operation is $500,000.

Loans are limited to a maximum of:

  • $500,000 for the purchase of land and the construction or improvement of buildings.
  • $350,000 for all other loan purposes, including consolidation/refinancing.

The maximum aggregate loan limit for agricultural co-operatives is $3 million, with the Minister’s approval.

Program Delivery

Lenders must take the same care and prudence in issuing this guaranteed loan as would be taken in conducting ordinary business. The Program has been designed to enable lenders to incorporate it into their normal lending practice, while providing the government guarantee on eligible loans to farmers and agricultural co-operatives.

If a purchase has already been made, a lender has 60 days from the purchase date to issue a the guaranteed loan.

Contact Information

The Canadian Grants Business Center can tell you what guaranteed loan program you are eligible to apply for in your area. Please contact us at:

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The Top 5 Funding Opportunities for Canadian Agriculture

Canada’s agriculture industry is quickly becoming the largest focus for the Canadian Government’s business effort for increased funding. Today the Government is helping the agriculture industry increase R&D and approach environmental and artificial challenges that they face everyday. These funding initiatives are helping the industry increase expansion and improve operational efficiencies and, today we will cover the top 5 funding initiatives available for Canadian agricultural business today:

1-Adaptation Opportunities

There are programs available today to help Canadian agricultural business to seize opportunities, respond to issues and drive solutions, along with development and commercialization of products not offered in local or National markets.


There are funding programs available today to push your agri-business exports to a new level. There are funding programs available for advertising, promotions, product demonstrations, trade shows, trade missions, online presence, and web development. Drive your agri-business to a greater market reach.


There are funding programs available today to increase the processing power of agri-businesses in Canada. If provides processing businesses to innovate in process and manufacturing techniques and to adapt to today’s fast global market place.


There are also funding programs today to help agricultural businesses develop or improve or support safety systems or control points that meet or exceed  Canadian industry standards.


There is an increase emphasis on Canadian environmental sustainability in the agriculture industry. There are funding programs available today to create or improve agricultural practices that are safe to the environment and help controlling challenges caused from climate variability.

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5 Reasons to Apply for that Farm Grant

Starting, running and maintaining a farm can become not only a huge physical burden on a person, but also cause financial distress as well. Many farm owners do not know this, but they may be eligible for financial assistance at all levels of the government. The Canadian Government today is making available to all sectors of the farming industry, government funding. Below you will find 5 reasons to start the application process today:

  • Government grants and repayable loans are offered at better terms than regular loans. They are given to select applicants based on certain criteria that the applicants meet. If you are chosen as an approved applicant, this means the government see’s potential in your farm that can benefit you and the economy on the local, provincial or federal level.
  • While it may seem like a caveat, it will actually benefit all parties involved; The funding can only be used to a certain aspect of the farm applying; If the applicant applied for a grant to improve process efficiency, the money can only be spent towards that and only that. With this control, the risk in the funding not returning anything fruitful is minimized.
  • Better than getting a conventional loan. While the approval process could possibly be more difficult, getting a government grant can be less stressful than getting a loan from a financial institution. No matter what you owe the financial institution the money back, but if the endeavour fails, you may risk losing just more than your farm due to the amount owed or the collateral that was put towards the loan.
  • Not a large selection pool. Many people do not know they have funding available to them; this includes any funding that you may be available for. By just finding out what is available for you, already gives you a leg up n the competition.
  • No limitation on the application process. If you meet the criteria, you may be able to get multiple funding from different programs. If your farm is based on dairy and grain production, you may be eligible for funding in programs that touch both those categories.

To learn what you are eligible for, the Canadian Grant Business Center is to answer your questions today. Contact us at today at 1-888-231-0075.

The Canadian Grant Business Center is a Funding Research firm in Canada. Our 2016 publications cover over hundreds of funding programs available throughout Canada for all types of entrepreneurs.

Startup funding with Farm Grants

Farming like any other business, comes with a long list of challenges and lots of expenses when you start off in the beginning. Most farm owners turn to Government grants and loans programs to start up their farming business, rather than just getting loans and being stuck with repaying back the loan with interest, since farm grants do not need to be repaid.

Applicants must complete specific forms for the farm grants that meets their needs as there are different types of funding for farmers available. Below we will discuss a few different farm grant funding opportunities:

Farm Grants for Start-ups

Farm owners can find training, education and ready for technical assistance help to start up the farming business. Grants can also pay for activities, such as a marketing and land program.

Farm labour housing

One of the many challenges starting and operating a farm is to find good people to help and run a farm. Farm grants for rural development provide grants to buy, build and renovate and repair labor housing for farm owners. Through farm labour housing grants and loan programs, the eligible applicants must be a single individual farmer owner.

Environmental incentives

A conventional farm producer can receive funding if they decide to switch to organic farming that encompass the environmental quality incentives program. Options are also open to certified organic farmers that want to expand their growing and operation aspects.

Provinces and municipalities government grants

There are farm grants targeted to young farmers. They can receive funding to pay for operating cost, livestock, feed, or any other basic expense needed to start up their own farm. A lot of different government offices also provide financial aid. People trying to start up farms can contact, to find out what government grants and loans or any other assistance that they can provide and apply for.