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Women Farmers of Canada

over one-quarter (27.5%) of Canadian farmers are women
Over one-quarter of Canadian farmers are women.

Canada is the fifth largest agricultural exporter in the world and over one-quarter (27.5%) of Canadian farmers are women. Women are an important part of the workforce in Canada, and an increasingly important part of the Agricultural production of our country.

Across Canada farmers — a majority of whom are men — are getting older. The next generation of farmers is slowly taking over. We have seen a major increase in the number of women taking over family farms, and entering the field as new farmers.

Women can face unique challenges as a working farmer. Finding a balance between a farm career and family goals can be hard. The lack of female role models and rural child care can limit networking opportunities and career growth. Commodity boards and the agribusiness industry are staffed more often by men, and this can create an atmosphere of a “boys club”.

Having women in decision-making positions could have an impact beyond gender equity. Women want more information before making decisions and might take fewer risks in stressful situations. In a farm with partner operators and more collaborative decision-making, there’s  more opportunity for balancing year-to-year yields rather than extreme highs and lows based on the risks that male operators are taking. This can be a great thing for the viability and long-term sustainability of a farm.

An open minded approach and support for women in farming will be good for the Canadian Farming sector and the Country as a whole.

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Farm Funding: Farm Grants & Farm Loans

Fall 2016

Canadian farm grants and farm loans are just some of the funding programs available to farmers to start, and grow their Canadian farm business. There are also tax credits and subsidies directed towards farm businesses.

In order to maximize your chances of success, it is important to start by asking yourself: Why do I want to be a farmer? If the answer is only to make money, then it may not be the best choice for you. If you want to farm because you plan to combine the lifestyle and business of farming, then it’s time to make a plan for your farming future.

A successful farm plan starts by making realistic projections about your access to the land, equipment, labour and funding required to undertake your project. Once you have decided what crops or livestock will perform well in your area you need to establish a plan that takes into account production and marketing issues.

It is often a good idea to seek professional assistance before you expand or start any new farming project. The Canadian Grants Business Center can provide you assistance in accessing the resources to fund your growing farm business.

When you are ready to start or expand your farming business, the Canadian Grants Business Center can help.

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5 Easy Farm Grants: Government funding for Farms

The agriculture industry is a hot commodity for government investment. These investments usually bring jobs, market stabilization, environmental improvements, and health benefits to consumers. Below are the top 5 Agricultural initiatives you could be doing right now to obtain Government Funding:Two Young Yellow chicks

  • Go Organic: By going organic not only are you making your produce healthier to consume for the average customer you are
    also decreasing any environmental hazards that may come from your product processes. Government agencies love these types of commitments as it’s a positive political position shown to the mass populace. Targeting this area will more likely help with your quest for government funding.
  • Humane Environment for Livestock: Just as the Go Organic craze, is a positive political position for the Government, the Humane Livestock is an area that will most likely help you get government funding while doing what is naturally right for your stock. Improving livestock area’s, feeding them healthier choices, and just finding ways to make the animals lives the best they can be, are all areas that can help in your quest for farm grants.
  • Equipment R&D: Coming up with more efficient ways to do your day to day job is something that the government loves. As if it’s something feasible, they can push as legislation to decrease costs all across similar agricultural markets. If you have a new way to formulate dairy products that are cheaper than current practices, the government will definitely give your business a few looks for investment.
  • Jobs: The labour market is slow at the moment, and any potential areas of job creation are   something the government will likely invest in. If you need employees for strenuous job roles, there maybe are subsidies from the government available to you in terms of government funding.
  • Grain: The grain market is hot right now, if your agriculture business main activity is Grain, there may be government funding for you to put towards harvesting and transportation.

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Canadian Farming: The New Gold Rush?

Everyone needs to eat: This is the reason that we will always need farmers. In a world with a constantly increasing population, demand for food will continue to grow. Many countries are already having trouble meeting their existing population’s food demands with domestic production. This economic reality creates a unique opportunity for farmers in countries like Canada that have predictable climates, advanced techman on tractornology, vast amounts of farm land, and an entrepreneurial population.

Canada is already the 5th largest agricultural exporter in the world. 2.2 million Canadians work in the agriculture and agri-food sector, a sector that contributes over $100 billion annually to Canada’s gross domestic product (GDP). Canada is the largest exporter of maple syrup, flaxseed, canola, pulses (such as lentils), and durum wheat in the world. There are approximately 4 million beef cattle in Canada. In addition, roughly 26 million pigs are raised in Canada each year, making us the world’s third-largest exporter of pork products.

As a market leader, Canada is uniquely positioned to scale production smoothly in key areas, and to capture an increasingly important share of the global market in agricultural exports. If you are a Canadian farmer or starting a farm, you need to maximize your growth opportunities to take advantage of future market realities.

Many farmers need to look for outside investment to increase capacity and be prepared for the upcoming demand spike.

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Government Funding for Ferme Bourgeois Farm Inc.

Memramcook, NB –

A new storage facility will be built at Ferme Bourgeois Farm Inc, thanks to the Canadian Federal Government investment. This new facility will help reduce operational costs, increase sales opportunities and improve efficiencies.

The announcement was made by The Parliamentary secretary to the minister of Justice and the Member of Parliament for Moncton, on behalf of the regional minister for New Brunswick,  joined by the Ferme Bourgeois Farm Inc. officials.

The main aspects of this project will be to construct an atmosphere controlled storage facility, using brand new technology developed in Europe. This will centralize and increase apple storage capacity and reduce costs. It will also extend the shelf life and current selling seasons that the Farm see’s per year. The facility will also be used for a number of local apple growers as well.

The total amount of investment from the Canadian government is over $500,000 that will come through a Business Development Program.


  • Established in 1932, Ferme Bourgeois Farm is one of New Brunswick’s premier growers and supplier of apples and also produces a number of apple-based beverages including old-fashioned cider, a sparkling apple juice and a line of apple and other fruit wines.
  • Verger Belliveau Orchard provides packaging and storage services for Ferme Bourgeois Farm and other growers in the region and is the largest seller of fresh apples in New Brunswick.

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Government Loans for Farmers

Are Loans available for Canadian Famers?

Being in the Canadian Agriculture Market, there may be programs available to you to increase your business. By law, the Government provides loan guarantee programs to farmers and agricultural co-operatives. Farmers and Agricultural providers can use the farm funding to build, enhance, and develop, their business, while agricultural co-operatives may also access loans to process distribute or market the products of farming.

Loan Objectives

The program allows the Government of Canada to support the renewal of the agricultural sector and enables co-operatives to better seize market opportunities.

Funding availability

The maximum aggregate loan limit for any one farm operation is $500,000.

Loans are limited to a maximum of:

  • $500,000 for the purchase of land and the construction or improvement of buildings.
  • $350,000 for all other loan purposes, including consolidation/refinancing.

The maximum aggregate loan limit for agricultural co-operatives is $3 million, with the Minister’s approval.

Program Delivery

Lenders must take the same care and prudence in issuing this guaranteed loan as would be taken in conducting ordinary business. The Program has been designed to enable lenders to incorporate it into their normal lending practice, while providing the government guarantee on eligible loans to farmers and agricultural co-operatives.

If a purchase has already been made, a lender has 60 days from the purchase date to issue a the guaranteed loan.

Contact Information

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5 Reasons to Apply for that Farm Grant

Starting, running and maintaining a farm can become not only a huge physical burden on a person, but also cause financial distress as well. Many farm owners do not know this, but they may be eligible for financial assistance at all levels of the government. The Canadian Government today is making available to all sectors of the farming industry, government funding. Below you will find 5 reasons to start the application process today:

  • Government grants and repayable loans are offered at better terms than regular loans. They are given to select applicants based on certain criteria that the applicants meet. If you are chosen as an approved applicant, this means the government see’s potential in your farm that can benefit you and the economy on the local, provincial or federal level.
  • While it may seem like a caveat, it will actually benefit all parties involved; The funding can only be used to a certain aspect of the farm applying; If the applicant applied for a grant to improve process efficiency, the money can only be spent towards that and only that. With this control, the risk in the funding not returning anything fruitful is minimized.
  • Better than getting a conventional loan. While the approval process could possibly be more difficult, getting a government grant can be less stressful than getting a loan from a financial institution. No matter what you owe the financial institution the money back, but if the endeavour fails, you may risk losing just more than your farm due to the amount owed or the collateral that was put towards the loan.
  • Not a large selection pool. Many people do not know they have funding available to them; this includes any funding that you may be available for. By just finding out what is available for you, already gives you a leg up n the competition.
  • No limitation on the application process. If you meet the criteria, you may be able to get multiple funding from different programs. If your farm is based on dairy and grain production, you may be eligible for funding in programs that touch both those categories.

To learn what you are eligible for, the Canadian Grant Business Center is to answer your questions today. Contact us at today at 1-888-231-0075.

The Canadian Grant Business Center is a Funding Research firm in Canada. Our 2016 publications cover over hundreds of funding programs available throughout Canada for all types of entrepreneurs.

Looking ahead to the new year: Farm Funding

As we have just started a new year, we are at an important crossroads for government farm grants and funding programs.

This is the time of year when many people focus on the holidays and make time for family. It’s also the best time to bring yourself up to speed on the funding opportunities for your new or existing farm:  Take advantage of the 2016 programs before they expire, and get the latest info for upcoming 2017 programs.

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Don’t miss out on what could be your best funding opportunity of the year.

Farming Grants & Farming Loans Update 2015

Grants for purchasing farm land

There are a limited number of provincial and federal programs that offer grants and loans to purchase land for farming. The majority of these grant & funding programs available provide funds to government related agencies and private entities, such as colleges and universities for research and development. However there are certain grant programs that contain clauses that allow grantee’s to make sub-grants to ranchers and farmers. To purchase new farms or expand existing land holdings Ranchers and farmers can receive funding through loan or grant programs provided by the Canadian government.

Funding Initiatives

Many Canadian national institutes have multiple grant and loan programs to fund initiatives related to food security, farm pest management, biotechnology and nutrition. These development programs help and support farmers and ranchers to start up within the above mentioned initiatives . These programs extend eligibility to post secondary and other educational institutes from the provincial or federal governments. Grantee’s can use these funds to help ranchers and farmers to purchase land that meet all environment compliances. The provincial and federal government have budgets allocated to this sector, but do not have any information and the amounts available to individuals.

Organic farm grants

Government grants and loans offer financial assistance to support organic farms that are run by women. These programs encourage women to hand in more proposals to focus on improving organic productions, adding more value to organic products and educate the public about organic farming and the importance of organic products. Government grants vary based on the needs of the individuals with new proposals.

Farm Grants for produce sustainability

Research and educational sustainable produce programs offer multiple grants for research that include farmers, students and educators throughout Canada. These grants help farmers and researchers to conduct field trials and demonstrate new technology techniques to sustain the best produce.

Government grants to start up farms

Farming is just like any other type of business, it comes with a long list of challenges and expenses when starting up. Many farmers turn to bank loans or any other type of loans that need to be repaid back with interest. Most of them are not aware of government grants and loans programs that that do not need to be repaid back. The only issue is that they must compete with other farmers for the loans and grant funding.

Small and medium sized farms

There are grants to develop new technology for small and mid size farms, this includes cattle farms. The priority in your ability in getting the grant is that you must be able to develop and market new farming specialty products or equipment to increase the efficiency and profitably. These products or equipment must be able to develop new farming methods that increase the efficiency to use natural resources and how to learn and operate a profitable farm.

Farm Grants – Programs for Farming and Agri-Business

The Government of Canada has Announced $200,000 in Government Grants for a New Agricultural Food Processing Facility to Serve Eastern Ontario Farmers

 Colborne, Ontario (November 2013)

Community Future Development Corporations (CFDCs) and the County of Northumberland recently announced $200,000 in government grants funding for processing equipment required in the eastern Ontario Food Processing Facility.

The facility will provide services to the regional agricultural community by helping locally owned food enterprises to grow. Locally-grown fruits and vegetables will be used to create new products through packaging and freezing processes.

The projected facility will occupy 15,000 square-feet and will offer a range of services including packaging and food storage. The plants primary focus will be to support diversified revenues for fruit and vegetable farmers in the region. The facility will be available for rental, refrigeration and freezer cold storage, educational and meeting space.

“The niche processing facility is an integral part of Northumberland County’s strategic plan supporting economic development and prosperity. By supporting agriculture, technology, business innovation and attraction it creates a centre for regional local food” said Hector Macmillan, Northumberland County Warden.

Construction has begun on The Northumberland Niche Food Processing Facility  which is targeted to be open for business in late spring 2014.